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Spouse House

Private house at Bintaro, Tangerang Selatan

Presenting an architectural building that can provide comfort for the occupants is the purpose of the architecture. Starting from an occupant demand and potential site eventually led to the formation of a floor plan and 3D of the building.

This house is a second home for the occupants. The background of the client is a mother which is an architect who had studied and has not been practicing for a long time, while the father is a civilian expert has two grown children who are still attending school abroad.

The manner of occupying the previous home is certainly very influential on how to treat a spacing home. The previous house is a two story house, the position of the bedroom on the second floor, reading room, servant room, and 2 bedrooms. This is the starting point that will later be guidance on how to layout each space, into the tread.

The tread is in the position of the hook, with two entrances. It is often questioned when designing a building that is in this position is about gsb which are cut in spots, it became an advantage well as “disadvantage” of this position. Being an advantage because it is inevitably hat the people will be forced to have a front garden, and this became an advantage for current architecture, where providing green open space is considered to be very expensive and underestimated as a business of landscape personnel. Being disadvantage is because the occupying manner of Indonesian generally needs more space and the addition of more and more goods.

To lay out floor plan is by dividing the room likes a chess board, starting from inserting the one wet garden and one dry garden. These gardens are what will divide existing space. Formed floor plan is to put the master room and parents room is on the lower floor, with consideration of the growing conditions of life will be in trouble if it will put the room above. The children bedrooms are placed upstairs with shared bathrooms. The unique in lay outing experience of this client is the existence of bridge at the previous house. This bridge is which is trying to be brought from the previous house to the new house; the bridge connects the main room with a service room on the 2nd floor. The arranged gardens are expected to create a “climate control” within building. The wet park will accommodate how the rain, wind and sunlight enter into the building, while the dry garden accommodate how just only wind and sunlight that may enter into the room.

Notching site and floor plan will inevitably affect the physical building, the physical buildings that seemed divided into two distinct parts, which strengthened by the material as well as the formation of the existing roof, that the architecture that emerges is that the site will be appear in this architecture.


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